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2-direction pull-cord switch

Description: The product is designed for the emergency onsite shutdown of the equipments as the conveyor, hoister, package production line, etc. The shutdown signal shall be sent after starting the switch at any spot onsite when needed.
Technical Parameter:
Contact capability: AC 380V ≤3A
Contact switch: 2 normally opened 2 normally closed
Protecting Level: IP65
Switching stroke: 40 meters at the horizontal angle, 30 meters at the inclination angle.
Locking angle: 20°
Switching Force: 3KG—8KG
Communication Interface: RS-485 address encoding terminal (Optional Purchase)
Communication distance: 1.2km (Twisted-pair), 50km (Optical cable)
Weight: 1.8KG (DWLS—I), 2KG (DWLS—II)
Lifetime: 10,000 times
Installation Guideline:

I Besides the position shown above, the switch also could be installed on the top of the vertical beam of the conveyor.
II Plastic-covered steel wire rope shall be supported with the supporting ring. Gap between the rings shall be 3 meters. Supporting rings shall be welded on the mid frame of the conveyor.
III Installation shall be proceeded on the both sides of the conveyor at the same time.
Operation Environment
Surrounding temperature: -40℃~+60℃;
Relative humidity: Less than 90%
Atmosphere pressure: 80~110kpa; Altitude: Less than 2000M
I Please note the model, quantity, and the date of delivery when placing the orders
II Please note the specific requests for the switch contacts and operation surroundings when placing the orders.
III The accessory parts used for installation such as plastic-covered steel wire rope, supporting rings, wire line clamps, supporting frame, etc. shall be purchased additionally.
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