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DWLL Feed Stock Flow Monitor

Output Contacts: 2NO(normally opened), 2NC (normally closed)
Contact capacity: AC/220V/5A
Working angle: 20°bi-directional, Limited angle: 90°
Adjusting length of contact panel: 0~400mm
Reset mode: Automatic
Environment temperature: -40℃~+60℃
Level: IP65
Communication interface: RS 485 terminal address coder (Optional)
Communication distance: 1.2Kms with twisted-pair, 50Kms with cable

I DWLL feed stock flow monitor is equipped with 2 pairs of contacts, users could chose them in accordance with the actual requirement;
II The equipment is designed as bi-directional to avoid the misdirection when installation; III The monitor can apply long-distance control of feed stock flow; IV The monitor could be equipped with an automatic sprinkler.
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